My work emphasizes the positive attributes of spray paint as a medium while
pushing to overcome both the physical limitations and preconceived notions that
accompany it. Because I worked primarily with charcoal and graphite throughout
high school and college, I often use spray paint monochromatically, leaving
greater emphasis to rendering and maintaining drawing elements inmy current pieces.

In the early 1990s, I began to work with spray paint. I moved away from traditional graffiti
art designs, often-repetitive structure, and constraints as solely a form of word art.

The Eye Series, my first on canvas, strips down color and composition to allow line
and shading to dominate work thatprominently displays roots in charcoal drawing. These
works pay homage to those people close to me, and also to iconic figures that have
greatly influenced my development as an artist. My most recent work places greater
emphasis on smooth gradients, shading Both my murals and canvases tend to be
autobiographical in theme, even when incorporating pop iconography. and experimentation
with the relationship between foreground and background, positive and negative.